Here you will find all the resources and vendors that we are currently utilizing in our lives. Some of these will probably bear more relevance to those living in College Station, but there might be a couple of universal goodies. Either way, it’s good to know that at least one person is vouching for a company or product that has served them well. Carry on!

Aggieland Green – At this time we can’t fully report on these guys, but from the local forums they are very reputable and fairly priced. Our lawn is going through a funk right now, so we got in contact with Aggieland Green and they offered to send someone out while we were at work to evaluate our lawn. They left a detailed report on the front door after they were done and outlined exactly what’s wrong, and what it is we need to do for how much. We’ll have more in the near future as we get to see how the treatments are working out over time.

Home Depot – Our Maytag washer and dryer came from here, just because they were running some really great specials at the time and we couldn’t pass it up (sorry Lowe’s!). We ordered these online and a few days leading up to the actual delivery we got a call from them confirming the order and the delivery date and time. The two delivery guys were prompt and got everything up and running within 30 minutes. We don’t usually go to Home Depot (just because Lowe’s is right by the house), but this experience was definitely a pleasant one. If the price is right, we will bite!

LOWE’S – We recently purchased our brand new refrigerator from here. More major appliances to come in the future, but definitely one of the more obvious choices for buying local home improvement gizmos. Lowe’s also provides first-time homeowners with useful coupons (10% off up to $5000) when someone does a change of address, so that is definitely welcome. We also bought our gas stove from Lowe’s and it’s been working like a charm!

Enercon – We had a couple of windows installed in the front room and they made a huge difference! The two guys who installed them arrived on time and were done in about an hour, so we had a pleasant experience with Enercon based out of College Station, Texas.

Dish Network – We’ve actually been customers with them for about two years and have no real complaints to report. We rarely have a loss of signal, only when the skies are torrentially spewing canines and felines. Even from moving from our old residence to our new one, a short phone call to them and they arranged for us to take our receiver and remote, and they would come and install a new dish free of charge. In our particular case, they even had to run a new line through the attic to the living room and didn’t even charge us for that. We have a very basic package deal with local channels and a few extra ones, and that seems to be enough for us.

Suddenlink – It’s a bit early to be reporting on Suddenlink, but the guy who hooked up our cable internet was a bit of a jerk to the Dish Network tech who came out at around the same time. The price for 1.5 Mpbs cable internet was outstanding ($25/month), and one of the main reasons why we switched over from Verizon). We will let you know how the actual cable internet is later, so stay tuned!


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