Make Your Move!

Hello there!

Yes, we have moved in and are now officially occupying The Nest! We finished up most of the painting in the kitchen (we still have the baseboards to do and touch-ups here and there, but for the most part, let’s just say we are done!) We took the day off on Friday to do some last-minute moving preparation, using our faithful Blueberry to haul little/fragile things to and from the current/future residences on three separate trips to lighten the major moving load later that evening. Our good brother[/-in-law] Austin offered to help us with the move, so we are very thankful for that—thank you, Austin! We started around 9:30 PM and finished up everything by 12:30 AM. Good stuff!

Garage Sale…everything must GO! Someone picked up the kitty litter in no more than ten minutes after we posted this pic to Craigslist.

We initially reserved a 24′ truck, but for some reason it wasn’t available when we went to pick it up. So they hooked us up with a 16′ truck, and we tagged on some insurance and no dolly’s (we had two already) or furniture pads (we did scratch the kitchen table a little bit; Izzie was pissed!). We probably got out the door for about $100, but we’ll see after the holiday weekend how we did.

We constructed a deluxe makeshift bed for the night on the floor after we were done and enjoyed a much needed rest that night. The house was in terrific shape!

That couch looks straight, right?

We are probably going to leave this room like this, we like the atmosphere…

We will be cooking soon! Two weeks of take out isn’t as nice as it sounds.

“We did it!…*snore*”

Still looking beautiful after an exhausting day of moving and grooving

So on Saturday and today, we have been busy doing what people who just move do: unpack and set up shop. Besides the kitchen paint color, we still have plans to wave the magic color wand and get rid of the awkward brown color the previous owners thought would look good in the whole house. Little by little, step by step!

Nice to sleep in a bed again! We should make our bed in the morning…

Office space is looking better. And you are not a true designer if you do not have EXPEDIT…

The kitchen is so much…brighter! And we are going to leave the blinds off in the kitchen since it’s so nice to have that light coming in all the time and be able to look out in the backyard.

Whoa, that’s messy!

We are going to put these on the local forums to donate. We do not want roaches munching on these!

Izzie taking a break from unpacking.

Ignore the cats in the background making love!

Since we have Monday and Tuesday off, we are pacing ourselves and allowing for a good rest of the weekend setting up. Have a great Memorial Day weekend! We’d like to leave you with these two baby seals we found swimming in our bathtub!* **

*No actual seals were harmed in the posting of this image.

***No actual seals were harmed in the posting of this image.

Happy Nesting!