‘Tis been a while since we’ve last updated, we know, we know, but that does not mean the train stayed at the station. Tuesday we started priming at The Nest–finally!

I am ready, I am willing

We too, are ready, master

We had a ball going all-in with two weapons, one for the nooks and crannies and the other being a small roller. We focused on the doors and cabinets; the doors doing them one side at a time, waiting, then going at the other side. This process seemed to work well, but boy, is it exhausting. Something we probably should have done was elevating the workstations higher since it can be such a hassle sometimes trying to get that “prime” coverage. But we worked at it and fortunately, our good friend Nadia decided to stop by and help us for a few hours in the evening. Thank you for helping out with Optimus Primer!

Hey, Nadia!

Mind the toes

So by the end of the night on Tuesday, we managed to pulverize the shell, doors and drawers with one coat of primer (some of the shell we finished up later, but it was minor). One thing though: that primer is the stinky stuff. We made a major boo-boo by not having enough proper ventilation, so tonight we opened up the windows and put on some masks, and that helped out a tremendous amount. You live and you learn.

Wednesday night was a busy time during the day as we had THREE vendors come by around noon time to do what they need to do.

  • Enercon – Window company who came by to replace two windows in the front room that were, at the time of purchase, cracked. The seller footed the bill on that. We had the option to replace the other three windows [that were slightly foggy], but we opted out and will find a later time to replace them. It wasn’t high on the priority list. But the new windows looked fantastic! (Comparison shot down below)
  • Dish Network – We basically needed to transfer this service to the new house, so we brought our receiver and remote with us, and they installed a new dish for us at no charge.
  • Suddenlink – We NEED the interwebz. We had Verizon at our leased residence, but found out on the phone when we called to transfer our service that they no longer supply DSL on its own; you have to purchase a home phone line with it. Forget that. We had a home phone line for the last two years and never used it. In fact, we even unplugged it within a couple months (we attempted to cancel it, but we would have spent more money to take it off rather than just keep it and not use it). It was only for telemarketers calling at  7 PM and College Station High School leaving messages saying so-and-so was not in class again. There are too many other options for communicating nowadays, and with the exception of emergencies when cell coverage isn’t there, landlines don’t really serve a real purpose in our household. Since we were not on a contract with Verizon anymore, we threw up the deuce and went with Suddenlink’s 1.5 Mbps cable internet for $25 a month. Couple that with our basic Dish Network package that includes all the local channels plus a few of the popular networks (AMC, HGTV, etc.) and we are going to be paying only $45 for both TV and internet. Now that’s news worth calling about.

Old window on the left, new window on the right. What clarity! Although it does seem like the old window had a tint on it, which helps with the some of the heat. The window guys definitely had fun coming through the rose bush in the front!

Speaking of the interwebz, Suddenlink supplied us with a modem, but we didn’t have a router. Well, we did, but it was a DSL router. So a trip to Best Buy yielded a great Apple product


I definitely don’t have to endorse this company, I will just let you that this is far superior than anything else they had, in terms of ease of setup and practicality (and looks, of course). It was worth the extra pennies and will definitely fit right in with the rest of our Apple family.

So long story short, we did take the night off on Wednesday to enjoy a nice home-cooked meal on the floor with American Idol invading our eyes and ears.

Thursday we got back on the horse and worked on a second coat of primer on the cabinet doors and drawers. We also stopped by Lowe’s to grab two gallons of semi-gloss white paint and two gallons of our semi-gloss kitchen color paint.

Izzie approves of the refrigerator spot

We are still in the process of adding a second coat of primer to the doors, but Izzie went ahead and painted the drawers—lookin’ good!

Brr, it’s cold outside, I need another coat

Drawer Me Close To You

Tomorrow around 4–7 PM we take delivery of our cool refrigerator, so we definitely had to get that spot ready! Don’t worry, the rest of the kitchen will get color, we promise!

We used a robin egg as inspiration for the kitchen color, since we love scrambled eggs!

We were still getting the nooks and crannies on Thursday, including priming the baseboard in the kitchen.

Don’t mind the rather dead-looking right arm!

Rest of the shell is good to go for the first coat of paint this weekend!


We are concurrently packing at our current residence, and making progress. We have set a moving date for next weekend, and need to get with Budget to take advantage of that 20% coupon. We will be painting, painting, painting this weekend and will be trying to finish up the kitchen entirely. At some point we’ll have to order hardware, but on the list higher than hardware is lawn equipment. That grass ain’t gonna cut itself!

We’d like to leave you with this…Happy Nesting!

Meow (this one is definitely staying!)



We had a two-hour window that we were able to return to The Nest for two hours tonight, and we brought Penny with us for the first time! We weren’t quite sure how she would react, as there is a small, yappy Pomeranian to the left of us that greeted us on earlier dates to the house. It’s not an obnoxious dog though, which is good, because we enjoy hearing the many birds that frequent the yard.

Shhh. I’m listening.

Since we didn’t have a lot of time, we assigned ourselves two tasks, but only managed to get to one completed: preparing the cabinet doors/drawers and cabinet shell inside for priming, which we’ll tackle this week after work.

We set up a work area in the backyard, filled up a bucket of soap and water, and grabbed the spray bottle of Goo Gone for the really sticky, grimy buildup that populated some of the pieces.

Izzie hard at work

Goo Goo Gone Gone

After having set the pieces out in the sun to dry up, we brought them back into the living room. We will need to give them a quick sanding before we go to town on them, but unfortunately we didn’t have any on hand. And the tracks need to come off of the drawers.

Hangin’ out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride

Izzie took the top, I took the bottom. A lot of grime near the microwave, but Goo Gone definitely helps to alleviate that. We will need to do a major Frog Tape session next time we’re here, so that’s something to look forward to!

Day 2 of Cleaning…Success!

We came, we saw, we cleaned. We finished our second day of cleaning and did more than we expected by the end of the night. The living room, front room, kitchen, utility room and master bedroom and bathroom were all checked off the list. We must note that this is a pretty “surface” cleaning (massaging baseboards, windows, outlets, switch plates/removing ghastly gold towel bars and toilet paper tubes, etc.) that entails copious amounts of radioactive-looking cleaner and self-serve elbow grease. We will be priming the kitchen the next time we make it back to the house, so we took the necessary precautions today to go ahead and prep the kitchen. And that means taking off all the cabinet doors, drawers and hardware…

Doors Galores

Our dirty drawers

Bling bling!

The cabinet doors had some pretty uninspiring hardware: a mix of plastic/metal and worst of all, the travel was terrible. But the doors are good to go for now (they have some notches on the inside of them where the old hardware resided, but that’s nitpicking!), and will look a world apart once we get some off-white paint and nickel pulls on them. The plan is to use the doors we have but buy new hardware that doesn’t involve any plastic parts and a more mature closing/opening mechanism. We talked about even leaving the doors off for a while while we get things figured out. We’ll also add some pulls for the doors and drawers down the line.

After the kitchen was done we wandered outside in the backyard and swept the porch area (still some mowed residue and random nails since we just had a new roof put on). It was great to spend more time in the house, because the first day we definitely felt like squatters laying on the carpet of someone else’s house and cleaning their toilets.

On Monday we will be back at The Nest ready to prime the kitchen, so stay tuned!

And the Cleaning Begins…

Last night was our first night to clean at the house and we were scrubbing, rubbing, scraping, polishing, spraying, brushing and de-yuckifying The Nest, as nobody likes anybody else’s grime on their new digs. We found some small critters scurrying around, wishing us well and hoping to see us some time soon, which will be tonight after work. We thought we would be able to tackle a bigger chunk of the house, but alas, these things take time and we only did one side of the house (three smaller rooms, the guest bathroom and a hallway). Tonight we will tackle the front sitting area, the living room, and the master bedroom/bathroom. After that we can finally move onto the kitchen and prime and paint before our new refrigerator is delivered next weekend.

If only all the birds and woodland animals could come and help us clean… only in Snow White! Once everything has passed our stringent personal inspection, then we’ll move on and begin working on the kitchen.

Here’s what we have planned for the kitchen in a loosely-constructed chronological ordering:

Coming Up

  • Paint the walls
  • Purchase and install a refrigerator
  • Remove cabinet doors and drawers, then prime and paint
  • Purchase better hinges for the doors
  • Purchase upgraded cabinet doors and drawer pulls
  • Fix the blinds
In The Future
  • Purchase and install a globe pendant lamp, and some new mini pendants on the breakfast bar.
  • Update the appliances (gas range, microwave, dishwasher)
  • Purchase and install new tile for the kitchen floors
  • Install concrete/granite/silestone/hard surface countertops
  • Replace the backsplash with some shiny metallic subway tiles
  • Open up the wall into the living room and extend the breakfast bar

Thank you Papa John!