Halloween came early—We’re back from the dead!

Well, hi! It’s good to see you back here in College Station, we are doing great!

We’ve been dedicating a significant amount of fixing-up time to the outside, front and back, and have been making great strides in improving different areas. We’ll cover the backyard and then mosey on over to the front.

The Back


Just recently we had our crape myrtles sprayed for infectious aphids, but they are looking much better, and have been blooming nicely (two in the back, two in the front). We are also treating our lawn for brown patches and chinch bugs, but this is going to take a little more time to correct. We are hopeful though!

Bricks be gone!

The previous owner had a cache of bricks stored in one of the corners of the backyard that had to go. What to do with a ton of bricks…hmm. Let’s build a temporary fire pit for those brisk winter nights!

Let it burn!

Opposite Angle

We didn’t use mortar, so don’t bump into it! Poured two bags of pea gravel for a nice base for some logs and presto! We can’t wait for the temps to drop. This was a $10 project (for the gravel, the bricks were free!) so it felt good to have a cost-effective solution to an old pile of bricks. We still have some left over and will offload these within the coming weeks.

Penny’s in the lime light!

To add to our trifecta of pots (our first pot has succulents), we have installed a crafty, little lime tree in the second installation. We have been nursing it to life, and are expecting many fruit babies!

Please lettuce grow!

Izzie wanted to have a plant project of her own, so yes, that is a pot and potting soil! But beneath the surface lies organic spring mix that we can put to good use in all our kitchen greenery.

Flowerbed One

Flowerbed Two

Our flowerbeds in the backyard are works in progress, but we trimmed them down for now. On the left side there are a few rosebushes (which will come out later, we’re just not liking the rose bushes at all anymore), and on the right are a few generic shrubs looking quite confused. We want more color in all the flowerbeds, maybe some bright yellow bulbous mums.

Hose it!

The hose in the back was like a snake in the flowerbed. So we bought a hose stand to get it off the ground. Not very glamorous but does a fantastic job!

The good stuff!

Inspired by our favorite current show, Breaking Bad, we got with the program and went with that Red Stuff. The hummingbirds are craving this soo bad! Our neighbor directly opposite from us in the backyard has about three or four of these with the wimpy white stuff, but we moved into her territory and took all her customers. WE WIN.

The Front

We freakin’ did it!

Opposite Angle

We finally got a good layer of garden soil into one of our front flowerbeds. After pulling out the weeds, we put down a layer of newspaper (Izzie saw this on Pinterest, a cost-effective alternative to weed mat), got that wet, and then put twelve bags of garden soil on top of that. Once we figure out our plant schematics, we’ll just dig a hole, insert and then finish it off with some mulch on top. We are going to be working on the second flowerbed in the front, so by the end of the week we can put more garden soil on that bad boy!

That’s pretty much the front. In about a week and a half we will actually be installing 80% solar screens on the front facade of the house to help with the light and heat coming through. It gets a little warm in the office area and also in the guest room, since these rooms are the most exposed to morning/midday sunlight. We opted to leave the back windows in the living room open and also the kitchen windows, just because we like the view of the backyard so much, and there’s not a crazy amount of sunlight coming through (only when the sun sets, but it’s not bad). We will do Phase Two of Operation Solar Screen, which involves a couple side windows here and there, about a month from now. We did get some nice sheer white curtains for the office, and once we have those solar screen windows installed, you won’t be able to see in so easily during the day or night (we don’t want anyone jacking our iMac!).

Sheer Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain..

That’s it for now, enjoy your Sunday and we will see you soon!