Kiss From a Rose…RIP

We are still concentrating on the front outside and have moved to the rosebush. Many people like roses, us included. But we would like to admire them off of our property. This particular rosebush was a beast of a bush, needed extensive pruning and just wasn’t doing it for us. We called an emergency family meeting and issued an immediate excavation.


You shall not GROW!!! (notice our one new window)

Look at those chompers!

After carefully tiptoeing through the removal process (the picture tells it all!), we set out to remove the stumps still left in the ground. Well, everything was going as planned until maybe the sixth stump out of ten or so. Matt hit this really tough root! So he proceeded to repeatedly stab the root many times with the shovel, thinking that it would break any second now! After the shovel method proved unsuccessful, the fail-proof option was to saw it off with a handsaw. A closer look revealed that it was not a white root—it was a PVC pipe!


Fast forward to the repair, Matt dented one of the sprinkler PVC pipes, which had a small leak and since we didn’t want that dent to cause any pressure issues because of flow restriction, we decided it was best to just replace it. We consulted with our neighbor and Austin, and they let us know the best way to approach it. We sawed out the dented piece, grabbed two joints and new pipe, along with PVC primer and cement, and put in a fresh new piece.

Removed the dented pipe with a leak

Bridges of Madison County (that root is below the pipe)

Much better!

It was getting dark by the time we finished the repair so we decided to let it cure for the night and we’ll test it sometime later today. For the remainder of the stumps we will use extra, extra caution in making sure that there are no innocent bystanders nearby!

On another note, we had our lawn checked out by some lawn people, and we have chinch bugs, weeds, and need some help! So we are going to sign on with them (locally-owned) and revive our lawn. It’s going to take some time!

Happy Nesting!


2 thoughts on “Kiss From a Rose…RIP

  1. i always feel like i can just copy and paste your posts to our blog! we have 10 rose bushes in our backyard, they look really well maintained (so far) but it is still a bit too much so my plan is to remove at least 3 of them so the backyard opens up a little more. keep up the excellent work and posts!

  2. Ha! It’s gotta be that 1995—wallpaper and rose bushes!! Yes, it feels good to clean up and open it up, hope you do the same to at least some of them. And we’ll keep doing what we do!

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