Swinging Hoes…You Knows?

Hello friends, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! We are back in action with another post, blogging straight from the heart of it all, College Station, Texas!

We have been fretting over our toasty lawn, which because of records highs and not enough watering, has become the Captain Crunch of neighborhood grass worldwide. Our sprinkler head unit was defective, so per Austin’s advice, we ordered the exact same one off of eBay for about $40. We installed that and programmed the sprinklers to run two times a day, 5:00 AM and 8:00 PM. We have five total zones, and each one runs for different times depending on priority (the main lawn gets forty minutes, the flowerbeds ten minutes). We need to nurse this grass back to life, even if we are expecting triple digit highs in the coming week and not a drop of rain in sight. We would like to avoid reseeding, and are looking forward to rolling around in lush greenery!

Anyways, we are concentrating on the front flower beds right now, because they have been overgrown and ugly for long enough. We’d like to tidy it up and add a little bit of color splash. We concentrated on the one closest to the front door, hoeing down the weeds, and taking out five or six shrubs that had alien-like root brains (Izzie was not amused by the shrub’s undercarriage tentacles when Matt showed her up close). We left the small tree and an adjacent, medium-size shrub that we shaped earlier with some shears (we were going for round, but ended up closer to “egg”, which is fine).

It’s an old fashioned hoedown!

A regular Paul Bunyan!

So we still have to level it out, clean up the soil, and throw down a weed mat and go from there. But here are some pics of the cleared flower bed and beheaded shrubs thrown in for good measure (we forgot to take them out of the picture).

Ahh! Much better!

Those bushes have to go!

All in all a good weekend that yielded a sweaty workout and less weeds—score! We will be tackling the rose bush flowerbed during the week and will let you know how that goes. As always…

Happy Nesting!


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