Kiss From a Rose…RIP

We are still concentrating on the front outside and have moved to the rosebush. Many people like roses, us included. But we would like to admire them off of our property. This particular rosebush was a beast of a bush, needed extensive pruning and just wasn’t doing it for us. We called an emergency family meeting and issued an immediate excavation.


You shall not GROW!!! (notice our one new window)

Look at those chompers!

After carefully tiptoeing through the removal process (the picture tells it all!), we set out to remove the stumps still left in the ground. Well, everything was going as planned until maybe the sixth stump out of ten or so. Matt hit this really tough root! So he proceeded to repeatedly stab the root many times with the shovel, thinking that it would break any second now! After the shovel method proved unsuccessful, the fail-proof option was to saw it off with a handsaw. A closer look revealed that it was not a white root—it was a PVC pipe!


Fast forward to the repair, Matt dented one of the sprinkler PVC pipes, which had a small leak and since we didn’t want that dent to cause any pressure issues because of flow restriction, we decided it was best to just replace it. We consulted with our neighbor and Austin, and they let us know the best way to approach it. We sawed out the dented piece, grabbed two joints and new pipe, along with PVC primer and cement, and put in a fresh new piece.

Removed the dented pipe with a leak

Bridges of Madison County (that root is below the pipe)

Much better!

It was getting dark by the time we finished the repair so we decided to let it cure for the night and we’ll test it sometime later today. For the remainder of the stumps we will use extra, extra caution in making sure that there are no innocent bystanders nearby!

On another note, we had our lawn checked out by some lawn people, and we have chinch bugs, weeds, and need some help! So we are going to sign on with them (locally-owned) and revive our lawn. It’s going to take some time!

Happy Nesting!


Swinging Hoes…You Knows?

Hello friends, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! We are back in action with another post, blogging straight from the heart of it all, College Station, Texas!

We have been fretting over our toasty lawn, which because of records highs and not enough watering, has become the Captain Crunch of neighborhood grass worldwide. Our sprinkler head unit was defective, so per Austin’s advice, we ordered the exact same one off of eBay for about $40. We installed that and programmed the sprinklers to run two times a day, 5:00 AM and 8:00 PM. We have five total zones, and each one runs for different times depending on priority (the main lawn gets forty minutes, the flowerbeds ten minutes). We need to nurse this grass back to life, even if we are expecting triple digit highs in the coming week and not a drop of rain in sight. We would like to avoid reseeding, and are looking forward to rolling around in lush greenery!

Anyways, we are concentrating on the front flower beds right now, because they have been overgrown and ugly for long enough. We’d like to tidy it up and add a little bit of color splash. We concentrated on the one closest to the front door, hoeing down the weeds, and taking out five or six shrubs that had alien-like root brains (Izzie was not amused by the shrub’s undercarriage tentacles when Matt showed her up close). We left the small tree and an adjacent, medium-size shrub that we shaped earlier with some shears (we were going for round, but ended up closer to “egg”, which is fine).

It’s an old fashioned hoedown!

A regular Paul Bunyan!

So we still have to level it out, clean up the soil, and throw down a weed mat and go from there. But here are some pics of the cleared flower bed and beheaded shrubs thrown in for good measure (we forgot to take them out of the picture).

Ahh! Much better!

Those bushes have to go!

All in all a good weekend that yielded a sweaty workout and less weeds—score! We will be tackling the rose bush flowerbed during the week and will let you know how that goes. As always…

Happy Nesting!

Knock Knock!

My, oh my, where has the time gone! It looks like July 3 was our last post, so we have been gone for more than a month! That has to be some kind of record. Well, as the dinosaurs clearly state, we are definitely back in action on the blogosphere. We’ve been here and there, doing this and that, so we are going to give an update on what’s been going on on our end.

One of the biggest distractions upon moving in was the paint color that was applied to the entirety of the interior walls. It was a brown, a sad brown and not the most inspiring of choices, especially a twenty-something married couple looking to spice things up! Here’s a reminder if you need reminding of what the paint color used to be in the common area:

We wanted to go with something lighter, so we initially went with a paint-and-primer-in-one from Olympic, Thin Ice!

Fortunately our good friends Kenn and Jenn from Houston were in town that weekend, and Kenn offered to lend a hand in putting the paint to the wall. We also borrowed a 6-foot step ladder from Austin, so thank you, Austin (don’t worry, we will return it)! Izzie was definitely a little hesitant when we did a test spot, but for good reason: it was a looking a little blue! We chose to keep painting and did as much as we could until the weekend ended. When the work week started up again, we resumed painting and finished what we set out to paint: the living room, office area, and hallways. So then it was decision time. Since we were going to have to put a second coat on anyways (since one coat wasn’t enough to cover up that darker brown color), we had the option of refining our color choice if need be. Well…it need be. This was a slightly different method than selecting the kitchen color, but we were in mutual agreement that with this current paint color, we really were…(wait for it) on thin ice.

So we went back to Lowe’s and decided to go with a different color that  1.) was slightly darker and 2.) had less blue in it and more of a gray tone. We’re happy to report that after application, we are quite pleased with the outcome of this color and will not be flirting with a third coat! HA

So many fit Olympians mmm…


For now we have Lala’s very colorful painting on the mantle right now, as we still have to unpack our elusive peacock painting that we bought on our anniversary cruise. It’s bigger so it’ll fit the space quite nicely. We were planning on painting the mantle a nice bright white, but we have changed directions and want to keep the black as it is. We’d like to add some gloss to it though, since the walls are a softer satin finish (as opposed to a semi-gloss, which was way too shiny). And also the tile isn’t very attractive and will be replaced with a nice mosaic tile down the road.

Don’t look at me, I’m hideous

We had to take down the blinds on the two windows in the front of the office area and the two windows that lead to the backyard, and had a bit of a revelation in doing so. We decided not to put them back up. For security reasons we don’t feel comfortable not having anything there, so we tacked up a bed sheet to hide our cache of techno-paraphernalia. This weekend we will be in Houston and plan on stopping by Ikea and picking up some nice sheer curtains to put up. Couple that with some solar screens and there is no looking in! But this will have to do for this week.

We also managed to score a nice iron patio table and four chairs from Craigslist for under $100. It was a really worn black color, so we bought some Rustoleum spray paint (Hammered black) and refreshed it. You can’t really tell in this shot, but it turned out well. We will get some seat cushions, but that’s lower priority for now.


Hey little friend!

Obligatory Creeper shot featuring Izzie

And finally, we were experiencing some less than stellar pressure from our shower head (did you think of that Seinfeld episode? I did.) so we decided to channel the skies and the clouds from above and bring a rain shower right into our master bath.

Rain rain on my face. It hasn’t stopped, rainin’ for days..

We used the existing elbow hardware so all we had to do was whip out the elbow grease and attach the new one. Presto change-o! We were bathing in delight.

Well, that’s it for tonight. We are definitely not professional bloggers, but will make a more vigilant effort to maintain the consistency of our posts. Bear with us and…

Happy Nesting!