We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program To Bring You…

Penny! Dogs love to run, this is, in fact, a fact. Dogs are territorial too. Especially when it comes to birds patrolling the backyard fences.

Izzie managed to capture Penny in one of her most focused, super-uncoordinated pursuits of justice set to the rousing sounds of twangy pursuit music. The low quality is due to Penny’s blistering speed, so do not attempt to adjust this setting.


3 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program To Bring You…

  1. i think someone is loving her new spacious backyard! too cute. i hope the day never comes when sasha finally catches something that she carefully and quietly (for a second anyway) tries to pounce!

  2. Well, we cannot say the same for Penny, because she is somewhat of a baby bird murderer. Matt did not see it happen, but Izzie said she saw a baby bird (might have been a teenager) fall out of a tree, and Penny did go for it, pretty maniacally. What can we say haha! Just like the scorpion hitching a ride on the frog’s back to cross the river and then stinging the frog while in the river, killing them both (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Scorpion_and_the_Frog), we would have to say the same for Penny: “It is in her nature.”

    But the never-ending battle for Middle-yard continues! We are happy to be spectators and enjoy seeing the bouncing and bounding to keep us safe…from birds.

  3. silly scorpions! well there are lizards a plenty at the new house so i’m just waiting for the day that she (or Joshua) brings me a “present”. Until then, I feel safe from moving grass and leaves…and wind.

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