Wash Me, Dry Me, Say That You’ll Buy Me

The time has come, nesters and nesterettes. We have been using our local business to do the dirty laundry for a couple of weeks now, but we must part ways. It is time to welcome a washer and dryer into the utility room, come this Saturday.

We had a two prerequisites in place for the washer: (1)top-loading and (2)no agitator. For the dryer, we wanted it to be gas, instead of electric. The gas dryer would be a little more up front (in our case, $100 more than the electric of the same dryer), but we figured that over the long run of owning the dryer, we would surely be getting a return in operating savings of more than $100 over the course of xx amount of years, come on! We’ve been utilizing natural gas already with the gas stove and gas water heater, so we said, let’s ‘go gas’ with the dryer as well! There are definitely pro’s and con’s in the great debate of gas/electric, but as always, to each their own with their spreadsheets! We have to look out for The Nest!

Home Depot got our business due to some ridiculously low prices on the units (Maytag Bravos X set) that satisfied our requirements. Even with our coveted ‘10% off’ Lowe’s coupons it was still in the Depot’s favor.

We have the set scheduled to be delivered for this Saturday morning, so we are good to go! We will probably have to make one last trip to the laundromat for a few loads, but it will be a trip of remembrance.

Happy Nesting!


We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program To Bring You…

Penny! Dogs love to run, this is, in fact, a fact. Dogs are territorial too. Especially when it comes to birds patrolling the backyard fences.

Izzie managed to capture Penny in one of her most focused, super-uncoordinated pursuits of justice set to the rousing sounds of twangy pursuit music. The low quality is due to Penny’s blistering speed, so do not attempt to adjust this setting.