Plenty of Sanding, Life’s Still a Beach

This kitchen does not want to get primed! We spent a good three hours tonight at The Nest expecting to get through more tasks, but as it turns out the work has been taking longer than usual. Which is totally fine, and better for us to realize now just how much time is needed to do these things!

We bought a dolly today at lunch to transport some very hefty boxes to and from residences, and it has definitely proven tonight to be a big help. Our backs have thanked us many times already. We managed to bring over four big boxes in the CR-V along with some odds and ends, just to ease the big move with a big truck and big furniture. And why wouldn’t we, if we are traveling ten or so minutes with an empty car? For right now we are putting everything in the center of the living room, just because this area will receive the least amount of action throughout the whole painting and moving process.

We initially planned on stopping by the post office during our lunch break, but found out that we could submit our Change of Address info online for $1 each. And in return, we received a very useful Lowe’s “homeowner” coupon that’ll give us 10% of our purchase up to $5000. This will definitely come in handy when we are ready to pull the trigger on the rest of our major kitchen appliances and washer/dryer. We also got a Budget 15% and 20% off coupon, which we will also excitedly take advantage of come major moving day.

Priming was put on hold, as we had to tend to tasks on the cabinet doors/cabinets and kitchen cabinet shell. We picked up some Fine/Extra Fine grit sandpaper blocks and went to town on everything, so that when the primer and paint do hit the wood, it’ll take better and have a smoother finish.


And of course, Sandman

After sanding the doors/drawers, we did a quick moistened wipe-down to remove the excess dust particles and set those aside to dry. Then we did a rinse and repeat cycle on the kitchen cabinet shell as there were a lot of places that were splintering and needed to be leveled out.

Señor Frog Tape

We heard good things about this particular brand of painter’s tape and the green color was, in the end, irresistible. And as with possessing two circular objects that could resemble so many wonderful things in life, we took a five-minute breather to reenact the stirring performance of The Frog Prince:

Thespian One

Thespian Two

Cut that out! After a bag of popcorn and Sweet Leaf tea, we decided to resume working, finishing taping off the rest of the kitchen cabinet shell.

Look at that form!

Izzie did not know she was actually doing a very popular Cambodian sitting stance…

The Cambodian Squat

So it’s nearing 9:00 PM, and Izzie decides to go into meltdown mode. Observe:


“Can we go hommmeee…” *zombie voice*

This is the coveted refrigerator space that we are making sure is all done up by the time the doorbell rings.

Cool it, bro

We have already talked about the game plan for tomorrow night and we will, will have primed everything that needs to be primed. You have been forewarned—the blog title for tomorrow will be called…Optimus Prime

Happy Nesting


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