You’re So Cool

It is an absolute necessity in 2012 to have a refrigerator in the home, and since The Nest did not come with one when we signed on the dotted line, it would be a good idea to have one by the end of the month (it works out great since our lease at our current town home ends at the same time) when we move in.

We purchased a refrigerator from Lowe’s last week, and asked for delivery of it to be next week after the kitchen is nicely painted. We had a few prerequisites in place:

    • Stainless-steel finish (It just looks nice…)
    • Top-Freezer Configuration (The least expensive type of configuration)
    • Stainless-steel handles (instead of black)
    • Energy Star certified (mainly fluff, but makes a tiny difference in energy consumption)
    • Counter-depth (or as close as we could get to it)

We didn’t desire the fancy models nor did we want to pay that much for one. We asked ourselves philosophically while scratching our chins: “Will having this fridge that costs XX more make our lives more fulfilling?” The answer is no. We wanted a functional stainless-steel model that looked nice and didn’t break the bank, and so that’s exactly what we looked for and purchased.

The Frigidaire LFHT1817LF. It received a decent amount of reviews on Lowe’s (we always take these with a grain of salt) and met the wish list. It also came with 10% off, free delivery and installation, and free icemaker (score!). Out the door with everything, including a water line cable (about $12) and tax was under $700, and we felt very comfortable with that given the vast selection of refridgerators available at all kinds of price points.

We don’t have a washer and dryer yet, but we do have some very generous friends from work who offered us Saturdays at their place for that. The microwave has a broken handle but works fine, as does the gas stove. The dishwasher is fine as well, although it is connected to an extension cord (which was noted in the inspection) that could be definitely be a hazard. We are planning to hand-wash things for a little while until we figure out what we want to do about that.

There will be pics of the refrigerator in place come next weekend, but it should be a good fit and a welcome addition in sprucing up the kitchen (and fulfilling the need of keeping perishable edibles edible). We will note that the house was built in 1995, and the current kitchen appliances appear to be original.

Translation: White was definitely in during 1995.


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