Day 2 of Cleaning…Success!

We came, we saw, we cleaned. We finished our second day of cleaning and did more than we expected by the end of the night. The living room, front room, kitchen, utility room and master bedroom and bathroom were all checked off the list. We must note that this is a pretty “surface” cleaning (massaging baseboards, windows, outlets, switch plates/removing ghastly gold towel bars and toilet paper tubes, etc.) that entails copious amounts of radioactive-looking cleaner and self-serve elbow grease. We will be priming the kitchen the next time we make it back to the house, so we took the necessary precautions today to go ahead and prep the kitchen. And that means taking off all the cabinet doors, drawers and hardware…

Doors Galores

Our dirty drawers

Bling bling!

The cabinet doors had some pretty uninspiring hardware: a mix of plastic/metal and worst of all, the travel was terrible. But the doors are good to go for now (they have some notches on the inside of them where the old hardware resided, but that’s nitpicking!), and will look a world apart once we get some off-white paint and nickel pulls on them. The plan is to use the doors we have but buy new hardware that doesn’t involve any plastic parts and a more mature closing/opening mechanism. We talked about even leaving the doors off for a while while we get things figured out. We’ll also add some pulls for the doors and drawers down the line.

After the kitchen was done we wandered outside in the backyard and swept the porch area (still some mowed residue and random nails since we just had a new roof put on). It was great to spend more time in the house, because the first day we definitely felt like squatters laying on the carpet of someone else’s house and cleaning their toilets.

On Monday we will be back at The Nest ready to prime the kitchen, so stay tuned!


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