And the Cleaning Begins…

Last night was our first night to clean at the house and we were scrubbing, rubbing, scraping, polishing, spraying, brushing and de-yuckifying The Nest, as nobody likes anybody else’s grime on their new digs. We found some small critters scurrying around, wishing us well and hoping to see us some time soon, which will be tonight after work. We thought we would be able to tackle a bigger chunk of the house, but alas, these things take time and we only did one side of the house (three smaller rooms, the guest bathroom and a hallway). Tonight we will tackle the front sitting area, the living room, and the master bedroom/bathroom. After that we can finally move onto the kitchen and prime and paint before our new refrigerator is delivered next weekend.

If only all the birds and woodland animals could come and help us clean… only in Snow White! Once everything has passed our stringent personal inspection, then we’ll move on and begin working on the kitchen.

Here’s what we have planned for the kitchen in a loosely-constructed chronological ordering:

Coming Up

  • Paint the walls
  • Purchase and install a refrigerator
  • Remove cabinet doors and drawers, then prime and paint
  • Purchase better hinges for the doors
  • Purchase upgraded cabinet doors and drawer pulls
  • Fix the blinds
In The Future
  • Purchase and install a globe pendant lamp, and some new mini pendants on the breakfast bar.
  • Update the appliances (gas range, microwave, dishwasher)
  • Purchase and install new tile for the kitchen floors
  • Install concrete/granite/silestone/hard surface countertops
  • Replace the backsplash with some shiny metallic subway tiles
  • Open up the wall into the living room and extend the breakfast bar

Thank you Papa John!


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